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If you need some convincing on why you should use Training Ticks then scroll down to check out the features available to enhance your training and supercharge your inner motivation!

Set and track weekly goals.

You can set training goals for anything from how many runs you want to complete in a week or what distance you're looking to get up to, through to more complex goals based on cadence or hill training.

Setting goals is easily done from the same interface as you analyse your activity. Your progress is then easily visibly, and you can track multiple goals for the week.

Create goal
Track goals

Create your own customised training plan.

Get yourself into a weekly training routine by scheduling your runs, cross-training and strengthening exercises into a recurring weekly training plan.

Then when you log in each day you’ll be presented with your planned activities and exercises to tick off.

You can create whatever types of exercises you like but if you want some help getting started we’ve provided some templates for simple strengthening plans designed specifically for runners.

Create training plan

Analyse your activity for the week.

Training Ticks imports your Strava data and enriches it within the context of your training.

The Analysis & Goals section lets you see all of your activity for the week in one place under a simple, expandable interface. Charts at the top aggregate your data up to a weekly level and track your goals.

Weekly Analysis
Weekly Activity

Cadence analysis on your Strava activities.

If your Strava activity includes cadence data then Training Ticks will import it and provide you with insightful visualisations so you can understand your natural cadence and how it changes from activity to activity. Great for interval training training and working on your leg speed.

Activity Analysis

Record strengthening exercises with just one click.

Training Ticks gives you an easy-to-use tool for tracking your strength and conditioning workouts, or any other kinds of exercises that you like to include in your training.

Once you've logged an exercise type for the first time it becomes available as a new button to record again using default reps or time to hold.

If you've already recorded your activity in Strava then just Connect With Strava to see all of your training in one place.

One-click activities

Categorisation and colour-coding.

Set your own categories for activities and exercises to give yourself a more user-friendly interface through colour-coding of activities, and allow you to segment your activities when analysing.