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Train on your own terms

By Pete on 2019-04-20

A big inspiration for the training plan features in Training Ticks has been my belief that a training plan needs to be personal to each individual. As a runner myself, I feel that I train best when I’m applying some structure and am setting goals along the way, but I’ve found most of the suggested training plans I’ve encountered elsewhere to be a bit too prescriptive for my own requirements.

Everyone is different in how they prefer to train and what they want from a training plan - if they want to use one at all. So over time I want to develop something that can be customised based on how anyone wants to plan their activity and keep themselves motivated in their training.

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Introducing the Public Roadmap

By Pete on 2019-03-06

If you’d like to influence the future development of Training Ticks then you can now do so with the Public Roadmap that I’ve made available via Trello.

Although Training Ticks remains a side-project of mine - and it’s something I consider to be a vehicle for learning and personal progression - I feel like I’m sufficiently committed now that I can start to share some of the ideas that I have for further iteration. And more than that, I really want to understand what you folks as runners, cyclists, athletes and users of the site are looking to do when you visit.

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Training Plan gets a revamp!

By Pete on 2019-03-05

Committing to a training plan is a great way to focus your training and keep yourself on track in between your big races. I’ve experienced the benefits with my own running, and it’s why the training plan feature of Training Ticks is something I’ve been keen to develop further. The first big step forward in that respect is a complete overhaul of the interface which has now gone live.

Gone is the clunky tab-based design, and replacing it we have an actual calendar! I’m hoping you’ll find it a much better and more friendly interface to use, enabling you to interact with your training plan intuitively, and providing more functionality in how you can schedule activities. It’s also an interface and architecture that I think I can iterate on and deliver more features, more rapidly.

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Olympic Park Half Marathon: Race Review

By Pete on 2019-02-11

A brand new event on the calendar for 2019, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Half Marathon somehow packs 21 km into the space of about 2.5 square km, keeping within the grounds of the park for the full route. As my first race of the year and with the memories it brought back for me I decided it would be worth a little write-up.

I was a regular visitor during those magical few weeks 7 years ago as London hosted the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, so I entered the event curious to explore the park in its newer guise. That it was taking place on a cold, damp and windy February morning made for a fitting contrast to those sunny August days when I’d come along to watch athletics, cycling and even some handball.

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How and why I started Training Ticks

By Pete on 2019-02-03

As much as I’d like to develop Training Ticks into a great product that helps to serve all the needs that runners and other athletes have, it’s also a vehicle for my own learning and personal development. With that in mind I’ve decided to start chronicling the journey through a blog, partly because I hope it will be interesting to others, but also because I’d like to get better at writing content. My posts are probably going to hop about fairly randomly between topics ranging from running itself through to product development, and maybe the odd bit of techie stuff too. For this first post I’ll keep it simple and write about how I started out on the journey.

I’ve been working with backend databases for my whole working life, but I’ve started to become more involved in product development in my latest role, and I was getting a bit of an itch for the idea of building something from scratch. I wanted to give myself a personal project that would allow me to learn about and apply some ideas on frontend / customer-facing stuff, both from a software development and product perspective...

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