Introducing the Public Roadmap

By Pete on 2019-03-06

Training Ticks Public Roadmap
If you’d like to influence the future development of Training Ticks then you can now do so with the Public Roadmap that I’ve made available via Trello.

Although Training Ticks remains a side-project of mine - and it’s something I consider to be a vehicle for learning and personal progression - I feel like I’m sufficiently committed now that I can start to share some of the ideas that I have for further iteration. And more than that, I really want to understand what you folks as runners, cyclists, athletes and users of the site are looking to do when you visit.

If you check out the Trello board at the moment you’ll find it looks less of a roadmap and more of an “ideas board”, and that’s because with the revamped Training Plan having just been released I want to listen to as much feedback as possible and find out what there’s most demand from the community for me to build over the coming weeks and months.

Voting is enabled on the board, so if there are things that you’d find useful then click into the relevant cards and use the “Vote” buttons (you’ll need a Trello account but it’s free to sign up). Or if you’ve got questions or suggestions about a particular planned feature then you can add comments to the cards that I’ll be able to respond to. Any ideas of your own that aren’t yet covered by what’s on the board are also really welcome, so please get in touch via

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll try to flesh out more of a plan for what I’ll be working on over the Next 3 Months. Whilst I can’t promise I’ll deliver absolutely everything, I’ll be committing to the roadmap in the same way that I’ve done with my own training plan as a runner, which so far has kept me on track!

I’m really looking forward to hearing what you’re most interested in, so get yourselves over to the Trello board and start letting me know!

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