Train on your own terms

By Pete on 2019-04-20

A big inspiration for the training plan features in Training Ticks has been my belief that a training plan needs to be personal to each individual. As a runner myself, I feel that I train best when I’m applying some structure and am setting goals along the way, but I’ve found most of the suggested training plans I’ve encountered elsewhere to be a bit too prescriptive for my own requirements.

Everyone is different in how they prefer to train and what they want from a training plan - if they want to use one at all. So over time I want to develop something that can be customised based on how anyone wants to plan their activity and keep themselves motivated in their training.

Flexible Planning

The latest step towards that vision is a feature called Flexible Planning. It came from a conversation with a friend of mine who’s been trying out the site, and then I had some positive feedback towards the idea from other users.

Many of us are busy with our working lives, families or social occasions, so why should we be limited by having to be specific about exactly which days we’ll do our activity on? Especially when the very concept of a calendar already gives us alternative levels of granularity in the form of weeks and months.

The first iteration of Flexible Planning lets you plan activities and exercises to do at any point during a week, and you can choose to enable or disable the feature depending on whether you want to use this approach. Once enabled it will change the layout of the calendar slightly, giving you an extra box for each current or future week to add activities into. You’ll also get a new container at the top of the home page with all of your activities and exercises to do during the current week.

Flexible Planning functonality in Training Ticks

More to follow!

I’m aiming to build on the theme of flexibility - and being able to customise a training plan on your own terms - over the coming months. That will partly be based on existing ideas you can see on the Public Roadmap, but even more so on the feedback I get from all of you as users of the site. As ever, please get in touch and let me know what you wish you could do with a training plan.

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