Training Plan gets a revamp!

By Pete on 2019-03-05

Committing to a training plan is a great way to focus your training and keep yourself on track in between your big races. I’ve experienced the benefits with my own running, and it’s why the training plan feature of Training Ticks is something I’ve been keen to develop further. The first big step forward in that respect is a complete overhaul of the interface which has now gone live.

Gone is the clunky tab-based design, and replacing it we have an actual calendar! I’m hoping you’ll find it a much better and more friendly interface to use, enabling you to interact with your training plan intuitively, and providing more functionality in how you can schedule activities. It’s also an interface and architecture that I think I can iterate on and deliver more features, more rapidly.

New training plan interface

The story so far

The original incarnation of the training plan was one of the first things I built into the website, and it was to serve some very specific needs with my own training. In the past I’ve been pretty good at doing physio-prescribed exercises when I’ve been recovering from injury, but then once I got fit again I’d drift out of the routine. Now with Training Ticks I’ve committed myself to a weekly strengthening schedule, and I’m logging in each day to work through and tick off the exercises I’ve got planned.

After five months my body is feeling more robust, and I’m able to run more. Admittedly there’s a bit of IKEA effect going on, and I’m more inclined to stick with the routine using the tool I’ve created. But I’m sure the benefits of committing to a training plan would apply to lots more of you, given a tool that lets you create the type of plan that you want to follow.

Whilst the original design (based on tabs for each day of the week) worked fine for my needs of incorporating 15 minutes of strengthening exercises into my daily routine, it was never really going to work for running itself. What if you want to increase your mileage each week? What if you want to plan an extra run one week, or skip a week?

I’ve addressed these obvious limitations in the first release of the calendar-based training plan, whilst appreciating that there’s still lots more to be done to address all of your use cases. Rather than me guessing what to build next though I’ve decided to get something out there, and hopefully get some of you using it, so I can find out what you think are the main things lacking for this to be a tool that serves your needs.

Over to you

As I’ve been building the new interface it’s sparked a lot of ideas about how I could improve it further… things like having more options for recurrence, being able to plan races, having templates or perhaps a generator for half marathon training plans, among others.

What is it that would most help your own training? I’d love to hear suggestions via, and as you’ll soon be able to read on my next blog post, there’s now a Trello board that you can use to vote for ideas and add your comments. Even if the training plan I’ve built so far isn’t quite what you’re looking for, I’m sure that with your help I can develop it into the kind of tool that will help your training, and we can all take our running to the next level!

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